Marketing Automation for Project Management

There are benefits associated with automation of marketing by streamlining project management. The question can be asked, as to the benefits in using marketing automation over other management strategies. These can be broken down into benefits and how to apply into project management to achieve results.

Real-time Implementation and strategic planning

Data collection can be very time consuming when planning how a project should proceed, and the steps to success. It can take weeks, even months to collate the information. This has been made easier with the introduction of marketing automation, as collection can be made in real time.  

When real-time information is readily available, plans can be made easily and changed to match the result. The outcome, planning and implementation cycles become shorter.

This permits strategic planning based on actual sales instead of customer perception and market estimations. This enables unsuccessful strategies to be modified as early as possible.

Real time information can be beneficial to both small and large business, as it allows adaption of the market and determines the niche where maximum revenue and minimize costs can be achieved. If and when sudden changes in the market place occur, it may not be as disastrous, because information is collected in real-time.

Targeting and Lead Scoring

Tasks can be simplified within the expansion of a business towards new markets. This relates to targeting new markets and using lead scoring which can be aided by marketing automation. Instead of real-time information, the purpose of using automation is to be able to handle different sets of data at once to create an overview of the market’s readiness for the product.

Wider coverage can be easily handled with the use of marketing automation for lead scoring. Automation also collects more accurate data without consuming too much time. Instead of manually collecting data, the available time could now be spent for analysing opportunities and creating marketing campaigns. The use of automation definitely is an upgrade in this case because of how it streamlines the whole process.

It may seem that larger companies are the biggest beneficiary of such technology, smaller businesses can benefit as well. By performing tasks that require a lot of teams to previously complete. By spending for marketing automation, small businesses have acquired a comparative advantage that would usually require paying for a few regular employees glued on the task.

Team Integration

Project management streamlining is an advantage and benefit of market automation. Because it allows different sets of information to be collected and handled automatically, the different teams are freed from menial tasks and are able to collaborate towards planning and implementing strategies and campaigns.

The integration happens through the automation’s capacity to generate reports instantly. Different sets of data can be cross-referenced with each other to produce results that can help departments decide. There is no longer the need to send a long paper trail of documents between and among departments. The automation does the work for everyone.

The system can also be automated to send the generated reports to a list of emails. Updates can be made at any chosen interval, whether it is daily, weekly, or monthly. All that needs to be done is to make sense of the available reports and use the data to come up with clever strategies that can bring in sales and revenue.

The Impact on Smaller Businesses

The beneficiaries are those who belong to a small business, whether it’s a personal online store or a recently-started business. Marketing automation may continue to develop and be able to do all the simple work done by employees in companies. What’s left is for the business owners to do what automation cannot: to create plans and be creative in developing campaigns.


The popularity of marketing automation is expected to remain, because of the efficiency it brings into businesses, regardless of size. Its strength is that it could do the menial tasks all by itself and do it with less time required compared to doing these tasks manually.

Its added value is the ability to bring accessibility and comfort to marketers since the amount of repetitive tasks is reduced. The flexibility that marketing automation provides project management is a definite for companies looking to cut costs and reduce the time spent on different projects.

Marketing automation should always be a serious consideration. These are just some of the ways on how marketing automation is currently being used. Over time, other tasks will soon incorporate this technology to create productivity and efficiency.

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