Scope creep is highly pervasive! Once you’ve got it, you can’t get rid of it! The solution is pre-emptive action. Scope and cost creep are probably the most influential factors in project cost/time blowouts, and yet there are effective ways to

I have had a several conversations recently, both with colleagues and other project management professionals, around the topic of how to become a program manager. Here are some of my thoughts on the career progression to program management. Program management is

As project managers, we often tend to think and act like we own the projects we manage. In reality, we don’t. Usually, a number of players have an ownership stake, with the sponsor having the final say. All those players, in

Written by Paul Taplin If you want a really good project outcome, close down your PM apps and tools for a few days, and just reflect on the nature of the new project you’ve just been handed! As with most

Written by George Pitagorsky The sense of belonging to a team increases an individual’s commitment to working towards a common goal in synergy with others. Social belonging was recognized by Abraham Maslow as a critical human need, following physiological and