The change from traditional job management to Critical String Project Management sometimes reveals a formidable problem with long assignments. A straightforward method is provided to help make the implementation easy.

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Power and Responsibility aren’t often considered collectively yet these are inter-dependent and both have to be considered when determining the project professionals role. Assigning responsibility for a task without a related degree of specialist is really as bad as delegating expert without responsibility yet much too often we see task

Raise your hand if you have more things to do than time to do them. Keep your hand up if you are totally comfortable saying no when someone asks you to add something to your already overloaded plate. In today’s “do more with less” world, we have somehow normalized overextending

By DeAnna Burghart

Have you ever stuck your foot in it? I mean really, truly, publicly messed up with a colleague or client? It’s not a great look. If you’ve ever glanced over the report or presentation, or reviewed the timeline, or suddenly noticed the address block of

DevOps is not easy to define. This is true for a couple of reasons. First, because what it looks like and how it works look different from the different perspectives of the various roles in IT. DevOps affects everyone in IT, but it affects each role in different ways producing