Several months ago I participated in a lecture panel discussion at the Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design. My role on the panel was to bring a project manager’s perspective on design projects, specifically for development of software applications in the

Ever found yourself in a state where you are managing multiple projects? If you compare your situation today from about three to five years ago, the chances are that you will see more projects on your plate that need to get

I have never had a project that I was personally in charge of fail from 1969 to present. The average failure rate for new projects is 14% according to CIO magazine . The article covered most things that can be done

Projects, by nature, are to be closed. I am sure you know this. The two authorities made this obvious in their definitions of what project is. Take a moment to review the definitions from PMI and AXELOS. A project is a

The project management office – or PMO – is generally considered the proper project management infrastructure for project-centric organizations. Does your organization run and manage individual projects to get internal and external customers work done? Or do they just assign people