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The Five Hidden Costs of Spreadsheets


451 Report on “Structured Work”

Find out how Wrike combines simplicity and powerful features to tackle the chaos of ongoing projects.



Exploring the attitudes of hiring managers and professionals, our latest whitepaper looks at how employers can get the best out of multi-generational workforces.

The whitepaper explores: 

  • What motivates professionals of different generations, including the importance of career progression, good leadership and lifelong learning
  • Similarities across the age spectrum when it comes to preferred working styles
  • The prevalence of inter-generational conflict, age discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace

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Down load the Robert Walters on Generation Gap

Boosting Results, Recruitment and job Seeker Experience

The results are in, and 41% of job seekers aren’t satisfied with the recruitment process. Sound familiar? We recently surveyed nearly 12,000 employers and candidates to find out what sets high-performing recruitment organisations apart and better understand stakeholder perspectives about talent acquisition. See what we learned in our new white paper.

Down load the White Paper on What Recruiters Expect

Time Management Strategies For the Knowledge Worker

Understanding the the evolution of time management strategies and prioritizing what works in the 21st century

Time Management eBook

Top Reasons Project Management Offices Still Fail and How to Protect Yours

In a recent survey, more than 70% of project management professionals report that project management is highly important to achieve their company’s desired revenue and profit goals.

Yet less than 15% report that their project management efforts are actually effective. How does your company compare?

Download our latest e-book to uncover:

    • Eight challenges that impact the effectiveness of project management programs
    • Expert insights on how to overcome these challenges
    • Benefits you’ll realize from improving effectiveness