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The old models of how people interact and collaborate have been radically transformed in recent times. People are using blogs, wikis and collaborative planning tools to work together. All these applications represent a significant opportunity for organizations to create new social and Web-based collaboration and increase productivity. Project management is undergoing significant changes due to the introduction of the new technologies for managing project teams. Traditional project management implies a manager acting as a proxy in all project-related communications, thus reducing his productivity and therefore curtailing the efficiency of the whole team. The new wave of project management tools puts an emphasis on collaboration and makes teams much more productive. These applications go hand-in-hand with modern practices like collective intelligence and emergent structures that empower agile project management. These practices and tools are now used by successful teams ranging from two individuals to thousands of people. Wikis, blogs, collaboration tools, Web 2.0 technologies… How do these tools influence contemporary project management? How do they help you manage your projects? How can you get the most out of them? This article will help you learn how you can benefit from the new technologies and how they can make your job easier.

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