Managing Multiple Projects

It can be stressful managing more than one project at a time; keeping on top of each is where difficulties emerge. However, there are steps that can be taken to assist in being more organised and efficient when managing multiple projects, below are just some thoughts on how this can be achieved.

Forward Thinking

Always plan ahead, ensure priorities are known and how much time should be taken on each task. Consider doing the toughest task first and save the less demanding for later. The point here is take an approach which is most comfortable for you, but prioritisation is a must.

Time scheduling

Set time aside in a calendar, block out time so you can give a project the full attention it deserves. This will assist in staying focused on chosen tasks, especially during the initial stages of the project. Thoughts remain in the one place without having to worry about other projects, achieved simply by blocking out time for that project and hold on to that specified time.

Remain Focused

When not focused, distractions can easily eventuate; hence remaining focused on the task at hand is a must. An example, listening to favourite music can help in staying focused. In essence find the best method of what enables concentration of the task and remaining on point.

Regularly assessing workloads

Frequently following up on the time schedule and project plan must be performed. Expect some time to be lost as well, as some projects might take more time than originally anticipated. If this is the case, then other tasks are likely to fall behind. Checking up via a to-do list or some other strategy for tracking project progress can avert falling behind.

Sharing responsibilities

Being able to delegate or share the responsibilities within the team is a great assistance. Assign tasks or possibly consider allocating the whole project, depending on the size and complexity. This does not exonerate the project manager from their responsibility but encourages an exploratory attitude, self-organization and abilities to collaborate in cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary teams. Always remain involved with the final decision making process, this ensures the work is being done.

Project plan support

Project management software is a good way to achieve support of the plan, as it will assist in keeping better track on project progress. The use of milestones to mark the significant dates in the project plan and make sure everything is done and submitted before the deadline. To have this information on hand assists in preventing possible time loss, in addition to lowering stress levels when a busy time comes.

Maintaining progress

When there is a lot to complete, many things can go wrong, especially when there are not enough resources available to keep track. Block time to review all current projects and make sure everything is going just how it was planned.


Change of a time schedule is almost inevitable; remain open to embracing change when or if it eventuates. Some projects are more urgent than others and sometimes, despite best efforts to follow the schedule, unplanned time to another task from another project can occur. This is considered inevitable when it comes to managing multiple projects, remain flexible and don’t panic if it comes to that.

These points are designed to assist in managing multiple projects successfully. Even when encountering certain issues in the process, they should be solved with less stress and worries.

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