How the Project Management Office Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Bottom Line

This book explores how the project management office can use AI to improve the bottom line. Artificial Intelligence is finally making its way into project management and the challenge is to take advantage of all the benefits and avoid the pitfalls. In a highly competitive industrial environment, the PMO is in an ideal position to understand, adopt and optimize AI tools for project management. The PMO can align corporate objectives to the new technology and vastly improve the bottom line. This is both a practical guide and visionary description of how AI will disrupt project management and how the PMO can harness this capability to create a substantial competitive advantage for the organization.

Although no one knows at this stage the impact it will have on the daily work effort or delivery of a project for a project manager, one thing is certain, a change to the landscape is imminent. As organisations across all industries are looking for AI opportunities to remain competitive by tapping into their data. Approximately 80 percent of businesses across the globe are currently investing in AI, this cannot be ignored.

It is human nature to be concerned about the impact AI will have on job security and availability. A number of jobs which seem quite complex will be disrupted by widespread adoption of AI in 15 to 20 years’ time, this includes: journalists, drivers, chefs, financial analysts, lawyers and the PMO.

It is expected that almost 73 million jobs are at risk of being replaced by 2030, this invariably means that new ones will be created to accommodate the change, as even AI will need to be supported.

Artificial Intelligence can be a distinctive accelerator and game changer, and Project Managers should embrace the technology and leverage AI where possible.

Artificial Intelligence is sweeping the project management world, disrupting established strategies and business models at an unprecedented rate. Today’s project managers must decide whether they want to waste their resources toiling in the past or increase efficiencies by bravely stepping forward into the new world of office automation.

In How the Project Management Office Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Bottom Line, savvy project management professionals Paul Boudreau shows readers how to implement AI solutions and take full advantage of the competitive edge they offer while successfully managing the risks along the way.

A follow-up to Applying Artificial Intelligence to Project Management. Boudreau’s latest dive into the AI realm provides readers with a practical guide to this fascinating new technology and a vision of the remarkable future to come.

AI shouldn’t be feared but embraced as the future for human employees may be improved by the adoption of AI to perform jobs. It may even become the best team member, especially for Project Managers.

This book can provide insights onto how the PMO office can utilize AI to improve the bottom line, get your copy here, and be ahead of the curve.

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