Business Soft Skills It’s been mentioned on many occasions, project management fundamentally is to deliver, to deliver successfully people skills are required. Getting the best out of resources ensures a better project experience and every chance of success. The ability to get the best out of people and resources is possessing business soft skills, but what are they? Soft skills, Continue Reading
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Project Teams Workload It’s always important to balance a project team’s workload, and especially so during times when resources take vacations and miss work. There’s a fine balance to be had between mixing a team to do lists and ensuring that the workload is equal and fair for everyone. Managing the project workload is one of the most critical parts of Continue Reading
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Team Mood Project management is just schedules, budgets and charters, there are the soft skills which need to be considered. A successful project is delivered by a team which works in unison, harmoniously. There are so many variants when working in a team, dealing with egos differing opinions, characteristics, skillsets and more. How does a project manager use soft skills Continue Reading
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Remote Project Management If the current situation has taught us anything, it is that there is a new normal, as remote project management becomes a must have skillset. Regardless that doesn’t change the ongoing and increasing importance of project management to organizations, as projects are key to develop new capabilities and deliver improvements. The critical elements needed to ensure projects Continue Reading
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Effective Project management emails Never underestimate the value of a good email, this is no different in project management. There is a lot to consider when delivering a project and emails are part and parcel as a practical communication mechanism. Understanding how to get the message across is very importance especially when working with virtual teams. With all the moving Continue Reading
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Resource Capacity Planning A project is deemed successful when the deliverables are met to the client’s expectations and are completed within time and budget. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Project managers need to meticulously plan every aspect and track the performance at all levels to be successful. In actual fact a project succeeds when there is Continue Reading
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  1. […] There are critical skills needed by project managers which lead to project success. Regardless on the project being delivered or the industry, the technology used, or the methodology followed. Each of these skills requires a combination of what are commonly called hard skills with those needed to work effectively with others. These skills complement project manager’s soft skills. […]

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